19 June 2013

10 Tips To Cut Wastage


Assalamualaikum semua.. Kita mesti pernah membazir terutamanya makanan yang dimasak atau pun yang dibeli.. Untuk makanan yang belum dimasak tidak menjadi masalah besar sangat..

Kekadang pembaziran makanan ini kerap terjadi terutamanya bulan Ramadhan.. Nafsu membeli makanan lebih dari apa yang kita mampu makan.. Mana taknya, ada ja makanan yang terasa nak makan musim macam tu kan.. Kena plak time lain susah nak jumpa ka apa, betul tak..

Sudah la membebel banyak plak mukadimah nih.. Jom baca, sori dalam english ni pun cilok dari paper The Star.. Boleh diamalkan.. Kalau berkesempatan akan ditranslatekan ke bahasa melayu..

1 Make a list
Plan your meals for the week. Check for available ingredients in your fridge and pantry, then write a shopping list for the extras you need. With a list, you'll be less tempted by offers and impulse purchases.

2 Practise FIFO -first in first out
Rummage through your fridge and larded regularly lest you forget what you have. Put older products at the front of shelves and new ones at the back. This way, you're more likely to use up the older stuff before expire.

3 Read and make labels
When grocery-shopping, check labels for expiry dates. At home, label perishables or leftovers with "eat by" stickers.

4 Practise portion control
Cook the right amounts and serve small portions. The hungry ones can always go for seconds. If you're a small eater, request for smaller portions at restaurants. Go to lovefoodhatewaste.com for a guide on portion planning.

5 Love your leftovers
Get creative with leftovers. Meats can dress up salads or casseroles. Vegetables can bulk up soups. Turn stale bread into tasty bread pudding. Blend softened friuts into smoothies. And, almost anything can go into the quintessential nasi goreng.

6 Fill the freezer
How many times have you had to discard mouldy cheese, bread or tomato paste? For easily spoilt food, one trick is to divide them into smaller portions for freezing. For tips on proper food storage, go to foodwastenetwork.org.uk.

7 Buy funny fruits
Many fruits and vegetables are thrown out because their size, shape or colour are not "right" and do not meet commercial specifications. Buying such items, which ight include odd-shaped capsicums or miniature cucumbers, utilizes food that might otherwise go to waste.

8 Dine together
When household members eat at different times and food has to be put aside for the late-diners, there is tendency for some to go uneaten.

9 Ask for a doggie bag
In this era of tree-hugging, it is completely acceptable to ta pau or bungkus your uneaten food at the restaurant.

10 Feed your compost or worms
When leftovers are unavoidable, don't throw them into the bin but into a compost heap or worm farm. This will transform your waste into nutritious food for your garden.

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